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As director of the Pride of Toledo Chorus, Kay brings many years of barbershop experience. As the daughter of a barbershopper, this style of music has been coursing through her body all of her life.
After 54 years, there are many medals in the jewelry box for her. Many regional championships as well as 5 gold international championship medals. Each one, no matter the level, has memories attached and she is proud of every single one of them.
Previous directors have helped in the education of the sweet adeline style and Kay gives many thanks to all of the directors she has had the opportunity to perform for; Lane Bushong (BHS), Jean Barford and Kathy Carmody (SAI).
In August of 2008, Kay took the reins of the Pride of Toledo Chorus where she has since earned the title of “Master Director”.
Kay spends all of her time directing “Pride” and coaching many quartets and choruses in Region 17. She is passionate about what she gets to do everyday. “When you see a face light up with understanding, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that.”
On a personal “note”, she is the mother of 2 daughters, Mindy and Michele, and has 4 grandchildren, Jackson, Lily, and Gavin and Delaney
Kay says, “I have loved every minute of this hobby and it has allowed me to become who I am today. What other hobby affords you the opportunity to grow as a person, make friends from all over the world and perform the music that you love.”
Pride is both delighted and honored to have her with us as a friend and director.
Kay Seymour Pride of Toledo Chorus
Kay Seymour Pride of Toledo Chorus
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